Managing date and person unavailability alert


I try to make an alert to avoid assigning a task to somebody who is currently unavailable. Let’s assume I have a Person table, a Task table, and an Holiday period.

An holiday period has a start, an end date and ref column to the Person table.

The Task period has a date and a ref column to the Person table.

I’d like to set a virtual column, Yes/No type I guess, in the Task table. This would check if the Task date takes place between the start date and end date of any Holiday period concerning the related person.

Does it seem possible to you ?



I would just set a valid_if expression for the date field in the Task record if I were you.

Utilize these expressions to build the valid_if:


I would prefer format rules over valid_if while Task doesn’t always pass through forms. However thanks for the suggestion, I was looking for a complex way to do something quite simple actually.