Managing Workflow Emails during Testing

Hey everyone, I have a client currently with 3 apps but I have a DEV, TEST and LIVE app for each (a total of 9 apps) Management is no issue at all except I’d like to have another way to manage the Workflow Emails and Reports.

The issue: When I upgrade from DEV to TEST I manually need to ensure the workflow emails are disabled and then enabled when we go live.

Is there a better way to do this? Wondered if I could implement an expression of come kind that only runs the emails/reports if the application name is the “LIVE_APP_NAME”.

I found the following under Text in the Expression Assistant. Does this identify the app_name?


Aha! Thanks Steve!


Looking for an alternative way to make sure no emails are sent during Dev/Test of my App. Is there any kind of “master switch” that will temporarily prevent emails from going out? Or will I need to create one in my App and then check it in all workflows / actions?

Hi Jamie, to automate the management of the emails, I think you’re right:

  1. Create a “version_flag” in your User Settings"
    IF(CONTEXT(AppName)=“YOUR LIVE APP NAME”,“Yes”,“No”)

2.Add the condition USERSETTINGS(version_flag) = Yes to each of the workflows

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Not specifically, but undeploying your app will disable all scheduled reports and will direct all generated email to the app owner rather than the intended recipient.

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