Many-to-Many nested rows in detail view

I have a many to many relationship. A bridge table connects the two other tables. I’d like to list the related rows in the detail view. Currently I only get the bridge table rows (which only contain ref. ids) in the detail view, which when I click on leads me to the detail view of the related row. What I need is the related rows directly in the detail view. Is this possible?


It is possible. If you want further help, we’ll need to know the involved table names and Ref column names in the bridge table.

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So let’s say I got TableA with two columns (Id, Name) and TableB with two columns (Id, Name) and then the bridge TableC with two columns (TableAId as ref, TableBId as ref).

When I open a detail view of recordA I want a list of referenced TableB names.

Create a virtual column in TableA with an App formula of:

  ([_THISROW].[Id] = [TableAId])

Note that this gets expensive pretty fast.

Thanks for the anwser!

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@Florian_Junge Not sure if this will help you, or if I’m reading your requirement correctly, but I have similar many-to-many situations, and I often use the bridge table to provide the nested rows (in Deck view format) and configure inline reference actions in the nested view, so that although it is the bridge table, it looks and acts like the table I want.

So in your case, I would

  • set table C’s label column as TableBId
  • in table A, set the [Related CIds] column Display name to whatever your table B objects are
  • create any inline actions I wanted to perform from the TableA inline nested view (TableC) as reference actions for Table B
  • in some cases, set the Row Selected Event behaviour of the inline nested view (TableC) as a LinktoForm to the relevant Row of Table B

I’m no expert, and would defer to @Steve, but this is how I do it. Many-to-many bridge tables certainly cause a lot of headaches!