Map an Address - Easy?

My column [Location] (Type LatLong) only shows a Map of the current location.

How do I display a MAP based on the [Address] field in a record?

I cannot seem to find how to do this easily?

Is there a function like Map([Address]) or something?

Do you want it to show something else?

You won’t, since you are relying on Google Maps to find where the address is. If you are not in USA, UK, or a big country like those, I recommend sticking to LatLong for that




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Perhaps you could…

See map with action on select a row behavior of related addresses table?

  1. Create table called addresses with columns key, your existing table key (name exactly as your table for auto ref generation), latlong, and optionally name for a label.
  2. Replace column in your table latlong type to VC auto created related addresses column
  3. Create action on addresses table to go to row level map view you created or whatever deeplink to map you need
  4. Create ref location type deck view of addresses with behavior of row select to new action taking you to view

But there’s likely a better way and you and I are both overthinking this.

Merry Christmas!