Map Dashboard Question


I have 2 questions

  1. When we embed maps in the dashboard, can we move the map (not just zoom in and out, but drag it left and right like current “map” ux functionality. When I try it here:, its not doable

  2. Can the dashboard show my current location (auto update, if i move?)

Thank you

  1. Yes you should be able to drag the map left/right, even when it is a view in the Dashboard. I have several maps in Dashboards.

  2. AppSheet does not, at the moment, AUTOMATICALLY save into the app your current location. They are working to make this available in the very near future.
    AppSheet does provide a HERE() function that captures current location but it is a function that needs to be called through activity within the app. In this way you can simulate an automated capture of location.
    For example, I have a work order app and want to track technician locations. I have updated nearly all of the actions a technician would perform to include a call to the HERE() function. As long as they are using the app, it will know their current location.

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Well noted for point 2.

However, for point 1, can you show me an app where I can drag/move the dashboard map (left / right)? I’ll just copy that.

This is because the sample here can’t be done

Thank you

@Chriss You are totally right. Dragging a map left/right when it’s part of a dashboard view is not possible:

  • in the emulator
  • in the mobile preview
  • on Android Phone

It is possible in Tablet mode and in full screen mode.

adding @Aleksi to connect it to the right person.

How did you do this John? Do you have an Action in each Form Save Event to update the HERE() in a dedicated table? Or do you have many HERE() columns in the App?

Ok, maybe this is device specific?

I am able to drag left/right in the emulator by clicking, holding and dragging. This is on a MacBook. And WOW!!, there is a new emulator I am noticing today but even in the old I was able to drag left/right.

I use an iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro, no drag issues there.

I also test in Browser mode in Chrome on my MacBook, I have noticed no drag issues there either.

Believe me I have tested a LOT, in the past couple months as I transitioned my app to MANY Interactive Dashboards. (And Interactive or not, I am still able to drag)


There is nothing in AppSheet you need to do to activate dragging. It should just happen. I’ve never checked but I wonder if there are mobile device options that could affect map movement on the device?

In my app I have an Employee table with a Current Location column. There is a single Action that utilizes HERE() to update that column for the logged in user.

I then went through the tedious task of updating MOST of the interaction points in the app with custom Grouped Actions that set the Location and then performed whatever “normal” Action was intended.

The Set the Location portion always transitions from the current table operating on to the Employee table to execute that HERE() function. An Action was created for each such transition that was needed.

In some cases I needed to create Actions added to the Group to force navigation to the desired view.

I will say, the app grew in size tremendously!! But it does work remarkably well as long the users are using the app.

I know that AppSheet is working on a feature to provide automatic location updates. But I also know it is a slippery-slope development-wise. It could be a while before the feature is ready to roll out.

I felt the feature was important for my app which is why I opted to simulate the feature. I will remove it once the AppSheet feature is rolled out.

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