Map management

This is my first AssSheet

My questions:

  1. Can everybody open this app ?
  2. If I follow a map pin it opens the Map showing multiple pin locations from my ADDRESS column.
    Can I limit the map to just the ADDRESS of the selected record that raised it ?


Initially start from here:


Hi Community Members.
Thank you for your generous reply to my query on maps.
As a retired Senior Citizen, I recognize the scope that AppSheet is opening up for me and my Club Members - in particular the phone platform. I have a very clear vision of my end project but am thwarted at every step by - what usually turns out to be - simple roadblocks.
Can anybody introduce me to an experienced AppSheet tutor with whom I could have a one-to-one, online relationship?
In this way, I would wipe out serious frustration and time delays in getting my project up and running while still “learning by doing”.
Needless to say, I would be happy and willing to discharge fees for this service.


I can gladly help. Please reach me out from

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As I have not heard further from you - I presume you are not interested in my proposal.
Perhaps you could refer me to somebody else that might be interested in establishing a tutorial relationship? I am a genuine customer wanting nothing for nothing.

Dick Troy