Map not displayed on PDF export with HTML Template

Hi There

I have a field: <<[GPS Coordinate]>> which is of Type: LatLong.

On the HTML Template the field displays the actual value, eg: -26.582993, 24.191734

On the Word Template the field displays the Google Map as an image and not the value.

Ideas on what to try on the HTML template to display the Google Map?

Thank you


Hey @9802008,

There’s no way to grab that little thumbnail of the latlong from the app and use that for the LatLong value.

  • You’d have to manually do this: like, take a screenshot of the latlong image and store that inside an image column.
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Thank you for the feedback - I am using the Word Doc Template.

I have created a virtual column of type Text which stores the actual co-ordinates and then use the LatLong column to display the map.