Map Point Grouping & Performance Enhancements


Map Pin Grouping & Formatting

Map Views in AppSheet apps help visualize all sorts of lat/long or address locations for items like buildings, customers, inspection points, logged activities etc.

Some scenarios call for mapping just a few locations, other times it makes sense to map thousands.

When visualizing a large volume of plotted locations, app creators can now enable ‘pin grouping’ which consolidates densely clustered points into a ‘grouped point’ with a label showing the number of points in that group. Group sizes are determined by setting the ‘Minimum Cluster Size’ in each Map View.

Format Rules can be applied to pin groups similarly to how they’re applied to map points - simply create a rule that applies to the location value being displayed in a map (in this case, the ‘lat/long’ column value). The specified Format Rule color will be applied to the grouped pin, and the group quantity will display instead of any specified format rule icon.

Map Performance Upgrades

Grouping densely clustered points inherently improves the speed and load time of map views in apps because fewer points are required to load. Depending on the quantity of points displayed in the view and the ‘Minimum Cluster Size’ specified in the map view settings, the overall performance of existing app map views should improve dramatically.

Besides the speed improvements associated with grouping points, other significant performance upgrades have been made to load and pan across a high volume of points in a single view more efficiently, whether or not grouping is applied. (Thanks, @Adam for these amazing updates!)


Hi Peter! My name is Duoc.
Can you give detailed instructions on how to create groups of pins like the example above? Thanks very much! Sorry I can’t speak English.

On the map type view configulation, you will see cluster size control. This is it.


Great! I made it with your help! Thanks very much!