Map Points - Blue vs. Red Pins Source of Data

Hello, I have a dashboard table based on a slice with some key parameters (below). If I drill down into a record under “Collections”, the record contains a map and displays a Red Pin indicating the location of the record I selected.

It also contains a few other blue pins. I assumed the blue pins represented locations of the other records returned from the slice but in this case I have 11 different points (geocodes) and only 6 total points on the map.

Can someone assist to understand the source of the data behind the blue pins?
Side question, is there a way to display the map in “Zoomed” in mode?

A million thanks!

In the UX->Options->Map View…what is your Map pin limit set to?


There is not a property to control the zoom in the editor. However, others have been creating Deep Links with the zoom property tacked on. Maybe that will work for you?


The other pins could also be outside of the map or they could be grouped up with other pins. I think there is a setting for that but I have no maps in any apps to check.

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Thanks John, Its set to the 200 default. I’ve maximized the Zoom to see if Austin’s note was the case - pin on top of pin but there’s no additional pin it seems associated with the 6 on the screen.

This is awesome. I’ll look to implement this once I have a good handle on the representation of the “blue” pins.