Map Polygons

As an agricultural professional, maps are very important, as I’m sure they are in environmental, geological, real estate and other fields. Having polygons (field boundaries), with all the same functionality that points currently have would be extremely helpful. Points do no sufficiently represent larger areas such as fields/plots/farms. At a minimum, I would recommend:

-KML import
-Select polygons for record information (or detailed view)
-Customize polygons - colors or symbols based on attributes
-Navigation button (to nearest point of boundary?)
-Use buttons to enter new records

A more advanced set of map tools could include:

-Draw/edit polygons
-Measure areas
-Geofencing (ie select polygon when user enters boundary)

Thank you!

At least klm is currently supported.

KML is only barely supported. Polygons cannot be unique to users, and besides displaying a few attributes you cannot do anything with them.

From my prospective KML is supported , not sure what you mean user wise.

For KML layers, you can not: navigate to them, select and edit or create new record for that polygon like you would a pin. If you have multiple users on an app with unique locations, the KML layer is visible to all. Other than displaying the polygon, almost no functionality compared to pins. From the perspective of an intensive map user, almost no functionality.

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Currently pin is dynamic while klm own polygon is static.

Yes yes yes, I love it!

I’ve got a client that wants all of these things! (^_^)

Exactly! I think dynamic polygons could be huge for users who work in agriculture, construction, real estate, energy, and environmental fields. Farms and fields, wetland delineation, surveys, property ownership, etc.