Map satellite, stop tilt view on zoom. And some other map stuff

When my users zoom in to try and place a point on satellite view the image goes to a tilted view by default at a certain zoom level. This is annoying because it is difficult to accurately place a point. I know that it can be turned off, but could we have this as an option to default as untilted in the UX>Options menu or in the specific UX map view.

I appreciate that satellite images are not always accurately geolocated, but in a built up environment this can be more accurate than relying on GPS.

Another feature that would be really nice would be a zoom to location button to focus on the current location of the device, GPS, etc. In certain situations there are a lot of points scattered across the map and this pull the view a long way out from the user’s location. A button would make focussing on the user a lot easier than pinch zooming and panning around.

Yet another useful map feature would be to have the inline map view in forms expandable to fill the whole screen, or at least most of it. One reason for this is that on a 5" screen phone it is quite hard to place the pins on a loaction with such a small map. We already have this option on the normal map view, but not the inline map view.