Map View - cannot control Action icons? I hav...

Map View - cannot control Action icons? I have a map view with location pins.

If I click a dot on the map, the bottom third of the iphone screen shows some of the record details, the view name changes to “google-map”, and there are Action icons available.

How can I change the columns displayed as well modify what actions show in the bottom third of the screen?

Looks like I cannot modify the “google-map” view (i did not create that view)?

@Mike_Adler Hi Mike, views and actions that are not created by you are system actions that are generated by the app. You can view and modify them in the app editor by clicking on “Show system views” or “Show system actions” in the respective Views and Actions panes.

@Harry - thanks for the inputs.

The problem is, in a DECK view, there is an easy ability to select which actions to show in the “bar”.

In my case above, this is some kind of Map view, with a “deck” like view in the bottom third, and I cannot find a way to modify the action “bar”.

I checked system views and cannot find"google-map" view or any DECK view there, so wondering where the action “bar” is coming from…


5 Action icons show in “Phone Vertical” view (see above), with delete as first action, but in other emulator views, I get different number of action icons in the bar, and in a different order…

Can’t figure out how to control the icons displayed and the order…


Rearrange actions in the Behavior/Actions tab does work mostly.

Actions like Driving Directions do not seem to be available to move at all.

Did you ever solve how to control this “google-map” view? I have a similar issue that when a user click on one of the map pins it goes to this view, no matter what you try.

@Riki_Armstrong - it’s been a long time ago and I am not able to check that app right now. If i remember right, I first had to create a slice for action ordering, and create a view to replace the system generated view. Not sure if it completely corrected the issue, but the “google maps” view no longer shows and i was able to edit view settings (eg: Slice it was based on)…

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Has anybody found a solution to get rid of the google-map view?
I added my own map view, but it still opens the google-map view, when i click on a Pin.
(I’m working with the XY Column type)

Adding @Aleksi

Any updates about this thread regarding the “google map view” ?

I would think the solution would be to disable the system-provided View Map action and add your own with an appropriate LINKTOROW() expression as the target.

Hi Steve, where and how to edit LINKTOROW()?

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Ok thank you Steve.

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