Map View detail


I have a map view based on my main table. When I click on a pin in the browser it gives me a view of one of the outlets/rows to the left. This detail view is the correct one but it does not show “display overlay” action buttons. This means the user has to exit the map view and find the outlet using another path to get to the detail view that fills the page and has the action buttons that are overlayed.

Is there a way of changing the event action of clicking on a map pin so that I can direct the user to the full page detail view using an action?



Maps do get a different “treatment” than the other UX and it looks like no, you cannot specify a “row select” action.

And I was able to confirm that overlay actions do not display on the side-pullout detail when you click a map point (this is in tablet preview mode).

However, “show prominently” actions do display, see picture below. Maybe this is an ok compromise for you? I would also edit your post herein and add the “bugs-issues-errors” tag.


Thanks for confiming that.

I created a another slice with the overlay actions moved to prominent for the map pull out. That has solved the problem.