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(Ben Derrick) #1

Map View Help

My app tracks maintenance tasks (similar to the facilities management app).

We have a few buildings around the town and these are shown on the map which the system automatically generated (using the latlong field).

Great but the map is not really useful unless it highlights which buildings have existing jobs attached to them which are still incomplete.

Currently it just shows me all the buildings…

So I have a slice which shows ‘Incomplete Jobs’ but I cannot figure out a way to show this slice on the map and have the pins for the data in this slice show in ‘red’ for instance so that they stand out as buildings with incomplete jobs.

Any ideas?

(Grant Stead) #2

I think you can make a format rule. So you don’t even need the slice, use the incomplete condition that you used for the slice as a format rule to turn the dot green or red…

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

FYI @Ben_Derrick if you want to map a slice, change the map view definition to use the slice instead of the table.

(Ben Derrick) #4

@praveen I tried this but my maps shows locations of properties based on their LatLong value.

However, the slice doesn’t include LatLong data just one collumn which references the table including the LatLong data…I am unsure how to link a new row on my main sheet with the LatLong data in another sheet if that makes sense…

(Ben Derrick) #5

@Grant_Stead Indeed I have been attempting exactly that.

However, I have two tables: PROPERTIES (lists the property locations by LatLong value) and MAINTENANCE (lists maintenance jobs and there is a reference column to the Properties table).

If I make a format rule with table ‘Maintenance’ the map doesn’t pick up the addresses from the Properties column and shows no pins.

If I make a format rule with table ‘Properties’ the map shows pins of all the properties in the table.

If I put condition as [Status] = “Incomplete” of course it does not pick up the column ‘Status’ as this is in the Maintenance table…

I’m missing some connection between the Maintenance and Properties table and I can’t figure out what it is.

Does this make sense guys - I feel like I’m rambling on.

Let me know if you need more information.


(Grant Stead) #6

@Ben_Derrick Sounds like you need a helper column of some sort somewhere… I think the easiest would be to put a DE-REF on the Maintenance table where you reach into the properties table, and grab the latlong… Then the LAT LONG of the property is there on the maintenance activity record. Then you can slice the maintenance activities showing only the ones that are incomplete, and you would be able to map the maintenance records because they now have a latlong…

The DE-REF would be appformula: [property ref column].[column in property table with lat long]

(Ben Derrick) #7


That worked - thank you!

However, one final thing is really bugging me (this won’t let me upload pics for some reason otherwise I would send some screenshots).

When viewing the Properties table (and now the map view) and I click on a property to view detail view it includes a system generated column at the bottom called ‘Related Maintenance by Property’ which shows all the jobs relating to that property from the Maintenance table.

However, as date column is the first column in Maintenance table it shows the date first but I want it to show property first.

I can rearrange column order in the view itself but not this system generated section… any ideas?

(Grant Stead) #8

@Ben_Derrick you should be able to either create a table view position ref ref if that data source, and adjust that, or there might be a system view that you can come by clicking a little button somewhere that says show system views