Map view into form view

Hi, I’m new: smiley: the platform is very interesting and ideal for us who don’t know how to program: Tired face :. I am trying to enter the manual manually from a form associated with a table with 3 sections, the problem is when entering the addresses. My question is: Can you use the map view inside the form view? My intention is to manually fill in these addresses. since it is more comfortable to perform.

The one on the left is the current one, but I would like it to be filled as seen on the right (I cut and pasted it with paint ^^)

Locating the pushpin from the map view is easier than from the original … I hope I understand. Greetings: +1 :!


Welcome to the AppSheet Community!

AppSheet does not currently support inserting its Map View into a Form like you have described.

If I understand correctly, you want the address captured from the map and inserted into the Form you have showing below the Map. I cannot think of a good way to do that … even as a workaround.

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Thanks for your reply WillowMobileSystems Jon Baer: smile:
What I wanted is the LatLong column of the form can be entered as if it were from the map view (To be able to scroll with the mouse wheel, maximize the map window, add the tack manually and easily, since the function of current device location would not be used from PC)

Well, thanks anyway my friend … I will continue looking for the form in another way: +1:

I see. Maps will not return pin locations in GPS coordinates. They only return addresses. Even in remote areas where there are no streets, it still returns City,State,Province.

The only way , I know of, to currently get GPS coordinates within an AppSheet app is by using the HERE() function. It returns the Lat/Long based on the current location of the DEVICE.

There are ways to get coordinate information externally. For example, calling Google API you can request such information. I believe it’s free up to a certain volume of usage.

Now that AppSheet is part of Google Cloud, we are hopeful that we will see some changes coming our way soon in abilities to capture GPS locations.

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Gracias amigo :mueca:, ojalá más adelante se pueda ingresar, de manera manual, los datos a la columna LatLong como en la vista de mapa, pero dentro de un formulario ^^. Igual voy a seguir estudiando algo similar que se ajuste a lo que busco. esta muy interesante :+1:

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