Map View : Make the latlong/xy/address string to be change to the user selected field

When we interact with map type view and select the pin, deck view is drawing up from the botton show a bit of details for the selected record.

If we select address type view, the address is displayed on the top of the area, likewise, latlong value or xy value in case we use xy to draw the map.
In general, latlong/xy value is not telling anything to the app users, hence we wish to change the string for this part to be selected by the app creator to show some more meaningful strings.
We are able to change the primary, second, summary position strings by setting up deck view for this particular table the map view is source from. but this part is not configuable, as it is not a part of deck view settings.

In addition, we set the “row selected action” for this deck view to the particular custom action. However, on this preview (deck) view over the map view, this setting is neglected. The selected actoin is always prompt to the detail view. As an additional feature request, even on this preview deck view, the row selected action on deck view setting to be respected.

Thank you.

Currently I hide xy value by applying the theme color through format rule, which is just killing useful spaces.


Thank you @tsuji_koichi for posting this.
I’m in contact with @Arthur_Rallu about the Row select in map’s detail view bug. It was posted earlier.

To hide the xy values I use this workaround:


Thanks @Fabian

We are currently working on app, using XY type view heavily.
The deck view (preview) on mobile phone is always showing nnnn.nnn , nnnn.nnn which is not making sense, but we wish to place more meaningful name such as name etc, but as far as i know there is no work around available, which led me to post a feature request.
yes, on select row event is always prompt to detail view which is annoying.


I would agree with the X/Y not being helpful in anyway to users, but showing an address or LatLong can be.

Ultimately, being able to select a field for display in that space would be nice - or at least a toggle to hide it.



Also in Form View, the XY value is not so meaningful for the user.

This seems like a bug to me. I never had this.

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