Map view not working


I have a table with outlets and the postcode for each one is defined as an address column type. A pin by the outlet takes the user to a map with a detail view to the left when in desktop browser mode. Some outlets work fine but some don’t pin point the postcode location and the detail bar to the left doesn’t appear. I can’t work out why this might be. It is as if the postcode and oocation can’t be found.

In have attached pics of one correct and incorrrect result.

Thank you

Hi Phil - if you’re using only that postcode as the location value, it’s likely not enough to recognize every pin. Since you have location data in multiple columns, I would create a virtual column and CONCATENATE() all relevant location fields into that single virtual column - then set your map to plot that VC.


Hi Peter,

The postcodes worked for months but some seem to have stopped working. I have replaced postcodes that don’t work with full addresses and still the same result.

Also when searching for an outlet in map view in the search box, the ones where the postcode doesn’t work don’t come up in the search either.

I have attached pics showing the outlet “slains castle” in the list view and the map view from the same table (the first one is a slice of the table so I can specify which actions are accessed there).

When I search for “slains Castle” nothing comes up on the map.

I’ve Concatenated into a VC but that doesn’t seem to work either anf only a handfull of locations are now recognised as in the pics below where you can see the full address and then when I click the pin it doesn’t pinpoint the location. You can see how few that ae recognised now. There should be many more.

I can put the lat long in and use that but I need someone to adapt a google script to pull in the longitude and latitude from the address automatically when the address fields populate when a user adds a new outlet in appsheet.




I can use latlong to find the locations but appsheet doesn’t create a system generated behaviour with a map pin that I can attatch to another column like postcode. I have to have another entry on the detail voew of each outlet with a mini map to click on. We already have lots of info in the detail so need a pin next to the poscode ideally to take the user to the pin pointed map.

Again, I still need a google script to find the latlong for new entries.

pic below


The system generated view map pin from latlong as appeared so attached to postcode column