Map View on Mobile

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how to change the view interface of Map View on Mobile?

Create a deck view in the ref position for the same table or slice used by the map view. That deck view configuration will control the bottom portion on the map view.

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thanks for the answer, Steve. I did that and i can’t change the address and these icons yet.

The address is not pat of the.deck view, so cannot be changed there.

The icons come from the actions that use them. You can change the icons by reconfiguring the associated actions (in Behavior >> Actions in the app editor), rearrange or remove some of them from the view using the Actions property in the deck view configuration, or remove all of the from the view by setting Show action bar to OFF.

Do you mean these?

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I tried it on App Editor, the action can be changed but how to change icon?

I visited a sample app using map view. Can you explain how to replace address with other thing?

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I understood and tried these but generated-icon and address are not possible to do I think?

There is no way to use your on icons; you can only use those built into AppSheet.

yes, I mean using other icon inside AppSheet, not my own icon.

Thanks Steve.

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