Map View with Detail View : enabling Quick Edit and what to display

“Map View” based on a “Slice”: ABC.
System Generated REF “Detail View”: ABC_Detail and “Form”: ABC_Form.
How to enable Quick_Edit in the detail view shown below the map on the Phone?
How to pick what columns to display in the detail view below the Maps?

Create a deck view for the slice.

Yes, I found your guidance about creating the Deck View for the Slice.
Somehow it does not make a difference.
Does the Deck View need to have the same name as the Slice?
It’s a simple Slice: Name, Long-Lot, Number
Where does Quick Edit need to be enabled? The Table_Detail or the ABC_Detail or both?

If you are referring to the view at the bottom of the Map when a pin has been selected, that is a Deck view not a Detail view. Quick Edit’s do not show on Deck views.

You can control the look of that Deck View as @Steve suggested, create your own Deck view for that slice used as the datasource in the map and it will be picked by the Map automatically.

To see Quick Edits while on the map, you would have to tap the Deck view row under the Map to navigate to the Detail view and access the Quick Edits there.

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Thank you for clarifying that Quick Edit’s do not show on Deck View.
I seen an App that has a Map and Quick Edit section underneath. Does it mean it is actually a Dashboard with a Map + Detail View with Quick Edit?

“the view at the bottom of the Map when a pin has been selected, that is a Deck view” has the Long-Lat Header and the Car (direction) action - neither of them are in my Deck View.
Is there a way to remove the Long-Lat?

That must have been it. I don’t know of any way to get a different view to show where the Deck view does on normal usage of the Map.

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If you created your own Deck View for the datasource in the map, the Map should pick it up automatically.

If it is a multi-layer map make sure the Deck View is created with the right datasource.

If still having an issue, please post an image of the Map View and Deck View definitions.

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