Mapping Venues based on Function Room Slice


I have 2 levels of data: Venues and Function Rooms.
I have a slice currently on Function rooms based on user data input (postcode of venue, function room capacity).
I would like to map the related venues that appear in the slice (with their detailed info) however at the moment if i do this i will get multiple pins at the same spot as there can be many function rooms in one venue as i map the function room slice.
What would be the best slice/formula/other thing to use for this?

Thanks in advance!

So you want only one pin per venue, regardless how many rooms within the venue are in use?

Create a slice on the venues table with a row filter expression that looks to see if the venue is in the current function room slice. For example:

IN([Function Room], Function Room Search[Function Room])

See also:

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Hi Steve, Thanks for your response and yup that’s the concept.

I’ve tried using the below on a Venues Slice and when I test, some venues that i know should be True, they appear as False.

in([Related Function Rooms],Function Rooms Filtered[ID])

I’ve tried with both the [ID] field and the label field [Room Name].
I’m sorry if I seem a little dense…

Try this instead:

in(any(Function Rooms Filtered[ID]), [Related Function Rooms])
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well that kind of works…
it only shows me one venue rather than all venues matching the criteria…
sorry to ask for more help!

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What happens if you remove the “any” ?

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figured it out… had to inverse the 2 columns

in(any([Related Function Rooms]),Function Rooms Filtered[ID])