Maps and latlong

Hello, someone knows how I can generate a link from a kml file of mymaps, to place in the url of kml in a column type coordinates and that you can see every change made in the map of mymaps automatically in appsheet

Please see my post:

Hi Fabian, I tried what you said above and my kml works well, but it does not show the lines and other features that my map has in my maps. It only shows the map without anything.

As you can see I can not find the ADVANCED option when I enter to share the file, however take the link that appears above and convert it with the link you sent.

Please try this: Right click on the kml and choose “Get shareable link”
In the URL just change the word “open” to “uc” and try using http:// instead of https://

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This isn’t working for me either.

Try and save the klm file to Google Firestore cloud storage which gives the public url to the file and use that URL. Firestore is basically free storage services.

Ok. I’m setting it up. Do you know what type of dataflow template I would use?

What do you mean?

You generate KML file on Google My Map. Then download that file to local.
Then save the same file to Google Firestore and get the link (URL)

Paste the URL to Appsheet. Thats all the step required.

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