Maps Centering Questions

Hi AppSheet team, thanks for developing this app.
I have some questions on AppSheet Maps (dashboards).

For context: say i have 5 drivers, each having 10 unique latlongs to visit… Public App
What I want to have: the drivers can select their individual names, and find their respective latlong mapped out (stores to visit)

So far i’ve manage to simulate this by following “slice based on user input” example. I’ve managed to create a dashboard by:

  1. Built a table to capture driver name (via updates during selection)
  2. Built a slice to link captured info (driver name) with the bigger table with long lat.
  3. created ref views for capturing driver name input
  4. created ref views for mapping out sliced data
  5. combine ref views through dashboard.

My Questions:

  1. Whenever I change driver name, the respective store’s long lat within the dashboard is reflected, However, the map is not re-centered for the new driver’s lat long. Is there a way to do this for each driver selection -> automatically refreshes(see photo below)

  2. If we open maps view (not dashboard), can we pre-define the map scale to say 2km of our current location? and can we appsheet automatically re-center the map based on HERE()?

Thank you!

Welcome to the AppSheet Community

It looks like you are trying to make use of the Interactive Dashboard such that when you select a driver the map changes to reflect that choice. (I assume the number 5 is your chosen driver?)

You would want to show your drivers in a Table view and then combine that with the Map view into a Dashboard and turn on Interactive Mode. If the driver information is source from the same data, then AppSheet will automatically recognize the relationship and when you choose a Driver in the table reflect that choice in the Map - centered and all!!

On your second question on map scale.

No, there isn’t a way to adjust based on distance. This IS somewhat controlled by choosing the number of pins you wish shown in the map. Based on the visible pins, AppSheet will zoom in order for all pins to be shown and then will center based on that cluster of pins.

But lets say you have 100 pins to show and you set the number of visible pins to 30 in the app options. I BELIEVE what AppSheet will do is find 30 pins closest to the center of the cluster and show those 30 zoomed and centered.

I hope this helps!!!

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