MariaDB: Support for Client Certificates

Recently Appsheet generally released client certificate support for MySQL. I’d like to see that released for the MariaDB, a project that was spun off from MySQL. A number of Linux distributions have MariaDB by default. This feature will help AppSheet users currently using MariaDB to improve the level of security compliance between Appsheet and their MariaDB instances.

So when an app author adds a MariaDB data source, the options for SSL Mode are currently “Don’t require SSL” and “SSL required”. With this features, MariaDB would have options similar to MySQL’s new options: “None”, “Required”, “VerifyCA”, and “VerifyFull” (see the MySQL support article).

Have you by chance seen the MariaDB Support article?

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I have. I understand that the client certificate policy in the MariaDB instance can be relaxed so that only the server’s SSL certificate is used to secure the connection. Just looking for additional ways to improve the security of the data in transit to AppSheet and other integrations.

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I have not used MariaDB, but a quick search and I found this:

MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB Community Server support 
data-in-transit encryption, which secures data transmitted over the network.
The server and the clients encrypt data using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 
protocol, which is a newer version of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

It is my understanding that most client/server based services use encryption layers on transmit including over the Internet, The question is if that layer is secure enough for your needs?

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