Mark columns for export

When exporting a view to a CSV…

The resulting file does really well actually.

  • If the column is a reference, the “label” data is recorded (not the key)
  • Only visible columns are included
  • Things like costs have dollar signs (or the appropriate sign)
  • Column display names are used as the column headers

It would be even better if we could specify which columns to include in the CSV export manually with a toggle;

  • you know, one of those settings way at the bottom no one typically pays attention to?

As always, thanks for considering! partyparrot (Appsheet)




After some discussion with @Aleksi about the exported column headers - I think the following might work. :thinking:

Context("host") <> "server"

I think if you use that in a show if, it might be excluded when the system is generating the CSV.

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oh cool. I’m taking my vote back then! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately CONTEXT() won’t do that. It just clears the data from that column, but it doesn’t remove the whole column from the CSV or the column header.



awwww… that’s too bad.

Sorry about that.

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