Mask for field

Hello, how do I determine that a field can only have 8 numeric digits and make this mandatory? I know this can be done through mask, but I do not know how to use it

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There is also a setting for the number of digits for the Number type details:

When usage says the function was used incorrectly.

LEN([numeric]) = 8.

It didn’t work for me.

If you put your formula

inside the valid if space, that will ensure that the length must be 8 characters long.

@doubts are you getting an error with that formula like that?

It may need to be:

LEN([numeric] & "") = 8
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Hmm… you might be onto something - len is expecting a text:

LEN(TEXT([numeric])) = 8

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Note that use of TEXT() will apply display formatting to the result, which may change the length. CONCATENATE() or & will retain the stored format.


I didn’t know that about text(). Every day is a learning day. :slight_smile:

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