Masked Fields

I’m working on a production app that requires a user to input a password or pin into a form to verify the completion of a particular operation.

Would greatly appreciate if there was an option in appsheet to be able to mask input fields that are typed into the app, with asterisks etc

Why can’t you use user’s email address for this purpose if your app needs authentication?

We have a high number of operators on shop floor who do not have company email addresses, and where we need to demonstrate via the app that they have completed a specific operation in the manufacturing process.

The tablets are communal and handed over from shift to shift. The corporate appsheet license we have covers users across all the shifts, but to identify a specific user we’ve had to employ the use of pins in the app. It would be extremely handy if there was an option to mask these specific fields from anybody who might be looking over their shoulder or in visible range.

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I have a similar scenario where I have temp employees that do not have company emails as they are marshals in a Trail Park and share devices between shifts, but I need to know who has updated/logged the information during a shift

Unfortunately masking is not possible. Have you thought about QR or NFC tags? You could add a formula like ISBLANK([_THIS]) to option Show?. When user reads it, it will hide it right away.