Mass Notification System, Hey there! I just ...

(James Cupps) #1

Mass Notification System,

Hey there! I just want to know if you could use Appsheet to create a viable scalable app to use as a mass notification service. The thought was, at orientation for my company to have the new employees download the application and use it for a quick and reliable mass communication and possibly as a way to respond. Would this be possible through current services and features offered in Appsheet and would it be practicable? Not only would it be for emergency communications, but as a way to contact different groups of people to cover shifts or emergency posts that may occur. I work in the private security industry. Thank you for your time!

(Grant Stead) #2

Well, I’ll say it’s possible. However, currently push notifications aren’t available for fully white labeled apps.

(James Cupps) #3

@Grant_Stead Is there anyway around this? Is there a way to enable push notifications through an Appsheet app?

(James Cupps) #4

@Grant_Stead Yes it is but currently we are looking for a way to quickly deliver not only emergency information to our employees, but if there is an emergency post or something that has to be manned, a way to disseminate that information quickly and efficiency to all or groups of them, in order to quickly fill that position, and their mobile phones is the best way to do that currently

(Grant Stead) #5

@James_Cupps also, something to consider is that SMS can be delivered to non users… Also with a legit twillio account you can SMS people with out of country phones… Also, zapier connects with everything…

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #6

@James_Cupps, are you sure you need a whitelabel app?

(Grant Stead) #7

@James_Cupps yes - Search results for: Push notifications Search results for: Push notifications

(James Cupps) #8

@Grant_Stead Thank you for your quick response, correct me if I’m wrong but this would only work if they have installed the actual Appsheet app and then the application through that, I was hoping to create an application they could install on it’s own when deployed and be able to push notifications, I could create it through an SDK for android apps and then one for IOS but Appsheet makes all of this coding and troubleshooting for different platforms much easier. Is it possible to deploy an application developed with Appsheet on it’s own with Push Notification permissions?

(Grant Stead) #9

@James_Cupps No. It has to do with their firebase integration. It only work with appsheet native.

(Grant Stead) #10

@James_Cupps however, you can notify through SMS, and email

(James Cupps) #11

@Grant_Stead Okay thank you, do you have any other suggestions of alternative ways to use an application to push out a mass notification? Maybe create an application to send SMS and Emails

(Grant Stead) #12

@James_Cupps I would roll with the SMS.

(James Cupps) #13

@Grant_Stead Okay thank you, sorry I just saw your suggestion of SMS after I responded, thank you for your time!

(Grant Stead) #14

@James_Cupps also, one of the requirements that I typically see for private security in companies is desktop notifications for their networked computers. I currently don’t have a way to do that directly with appsheet…