Mass Update

I have a Properties table and a Contact table. I also have a relationship table that enable users to relate Contacts and Properties.

When a user updates a row in the ContactAndProperties (relationship) table. I want to give them the ability to make that same update across the entire table for all of that Contacts relationships. For example

Contact A is related to Property X, Property Y and Property Z.
If a user updates the interest column the relationship between Contact A and Property X to Active. I want them to then also have the option to update Contact A’s relationship with Property Y and Property Z to Active as well, if desired.

The reasoning here is so that if the user wants to make the same changes to all or some of the Contacts relationships they do not have to change each relationship individually.


Please check the sample app “UpdateEventAction” how you can update child records when the parent record is updated. You can find it from


However I want to update records in the same table. I do not have a parent child relationship here. When I edit a row in the ContactsAndProperties I want to give the user an option to pass that edit to other rows in the ContactAndProperties Table with the same Contact.

You can use an action to take the user to an an aggregate view (i.e., a deck, gallery, or table view) containing only the specific contact’s related properties, and provide an action that toggles the Interest column value for a single row. The user could then select multiple entries and apply the toggle action in bulk.

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