Mass upload of partition links

Hi there,

I use partitions so as to separate my customer data in different google sheet. Each customer has its own google sheet database.
It was OK at the beginning but now I have hundred of customers and this is getting very hard to manage.
Especially now because I want to add a new table to my app and that table needs to be partitioned as well. Currently, I’ll have to reconstruct the partition links manually customer by customer.
It would be much easier if the partition links could be managed via a table such as a google sheet

Not to pretend I understand your setup, but have you considered using security filters instead of positions. Having a single database?

Thanks for the suggestion Grant_Stead.
That would make too big Google Sheets.
Also, it is important that we have one folder per customer on the Drive.
That’s also why I don’t use another type of database such as SQL because it is very convenient to access the data within a Google Sheet.

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I completely understand.
We use data partitioning extensively, and you’re 100% correct, it’s painful. I wish it was more automated as well.