Math expression

Hi community…
I need your help for issue below:
First column type (date), second column type (number) represent duration. If I want to record automatically the date in 3rd column as a result from adding the duration in 2nd column to date in 1st column. How can execute that?
Thank you in advance.

Duration of what? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Years?

Hi Steve. Duration in days.

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TODAY() + 1 gives tomorrow’s date.

TODAY() - 1 gives yesterday’s date.

[Date] + 1 gives the date of the day after [Date].

[Date] - 1 gives the date of the day before [Date].

[Date] + [Number] gives the date [Number] days after [Date].

[Date] - [Number] gives the date [Number] days before [Date].


Thank you steve. I will try this.

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Thank you Steve. It is solved.