+Matt Buitron Need to build dynamic dropdow...

(Matthew Brown) #1

+Matt Buitron

Need to build dynamic dropdown.

Data source is:

Value 1, Value 2, Selection (value 1 and 2 have up to 100+ different vlaues).

Value 1 and Value 2 should be the drop down of the “selection”.

The user then makes a choice and we record it.

What’s the best way to handle?

I think a form might work, and I can put the data into multiple rows, but was hoping to have a simple data table…

value 1, value 2 - pick, record it.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Matthew_Brown, Could you please add a bit more on your requirement?

Is Selection in you example a separate list

of 100 plus out of which you wish to build drop downs for Value 1 and Value 2. So on the form you just have Value 1 and Value 2 and selection is background lookup list?

(Matthew Brown) #3

Just think of field 1 as red and field 2 as blue. I would like a field 3 that allows the user to choose red or blue. Like a test or a survey.

This is all in one row of data in google sheets.

+Matt Buitron Tried using “list” on enum

It needs to be dynamic. So if I

change red to yellow it will be in the drop-down now.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @Matthew_Brown,If I have understood correctly,

  1. Value 1=

Red ,Value 2= Blue , then third field Selection drop down shows options Red and Blue 2) Value 1=

Green ,Value 2= Orange, then third field Selection drop down shows options Green and Orange

If this understanding is correct, please enter LIST([Value1],[Value2]) in the Valid_if constraint setting of Selection field. It will create the necessary drop down.

(Matthew Brown) #5

that worked, thank you Suvrutt!