Max Rows or Emails per Bot run = 1000

Just doing a test on a table with 5500 rows and about 3500 email addresses. The Bot is set to create a record in a subtable then send an email with a body template. I’m sending the emails exclusively to me as a test.

It seems that the Bot is limited to working on a maximum of 1000 rows since I can see that only 1000 records where created in the subtable and 1000 test emails sent.

Is this a limitation in Bots - 1000 rows max?

If you’re just “test” ing the Bot, then yes, 1000 max.


Yes its was just pressing “run”. So when it operates on its schedule instead, there is no row limit?

Hmmm, just noticed. This isn’t a prototype, its deployed.

Yah, that actual post was missing quite a few details that were never added/clarified…

My assumption is that manually using “run” from the editor will indeed be subject to the stated limit, but not when the scheduled Bot actually runs.

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Updated the limits documentation for both deployed and prototype apps.


@Dan_Bahir Thanks! But is there any difference between manually running a “ForEveryRecord” Bot from the editor, versus it running on its regular schedule?


There should not be a difference.


I’ll feed back on here later guys as it will be a scheduled bot on a deployed app. But I’ll run it manually first then let it run on the schedule :+1:

Just done a manual run and its instantly created the 5000+ subtable records and is currently at email 1800ish. So it appears the only limitation is
Max number of rows processed in “For Each Row in Table” in a deployed app = 10,000

I have yet to understand what this limitation refers to.

I understand that “For Each Row in Table” is an option that can only be set for Scheduled Events.
And schedules are not triggered by Prototype app.
This is why I don’t understand it yet.

I think it probably affects the execution of run or test button, so I will give it a try. (I am AppCreater😄)
It would be great if the AppSheet Team could give me more accurate information.

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So my table had 5000+ rows. When the app was a prototype and I click on Run in a bot it only updated the first 1000 rows then stopped.

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What kind of update Automaiton are you running?

I’m testing a simple data update Automaiton like the one below with the run button selected, but I’m even more confused because the Prototype is able to update 11000 rows.
I haven’t tried the Send Mail Action because I’m afraid of it.:sweat_smile:

Bot Setting




In the end, what are the restrictions on Max number of rows for Deployed and Prototype App, and what do we need to be careful about?



I’m using the run button. So I don’t know why you’re getting different results.

Attn @Dan_Bahir @Zhifeng_Lin

It should be the limits in the documentation 10,000 for deployed apps and 1000 for un deployed.

Would you be able to allow to debug you app so that I can understand why it is not working within the limits?

Thank you


Thanks @Dan_Bahir, of course.

App id: Cellphone_sandbox-2214479

If you run All Clear Bot, all 11,000 records of Type column will be null.
If you run Update type to 5G Bot, all 11,000 records of Type column will be set to 5G.

If there is any other information you need, please let me know.