MAXROW() not working as expected


I am trying to get the value of a column from the record with the most recent date. The expression I’m using is the following:

([Rego] = [_THISROW].[Rego])

It seems the MAXROW() is only considering the records that belong to the current user. Does the table’s security filter has something to do with this behavior? Is there a way to adjust the expression, so it looks at all the rows in the table?

TIA :slight_smile:

If the Security Filters don’t load data from other users, then yes, that is exactly what is happening. Records not loaded via Security Filters are not loaded into the app at all, and thus cannot be used by expressions. There’d be no way to adjust the expression, you’d need to adjust the Security Filter, or figure out some other way to accomplish the functionality. Note that Bots are able to ignore Security Filters, so that might be a way to go for you.


I removed the security filter from the table and created a slice instead. Now the MAXROW() works as expected.

:blue_heart: Thanks for your quick response!


Nicely explained @Marc_Dillon this important point around security filter impacts.