May Office Hours

The next AppSheet Office Hours is Tuesday, May 28 at 9am PT. We’ll introduce some new features and do some live Q&A. (If you can’t join, register anyway and you’ll receive a recording afterward).

Please add any of your questions in the comments below, we’ll be reviewing this thread live during the webinar - we’ll also take time to review the following topics:

  • Improved Map Performance & New Point Grouping
  • Intro to Okta Authentication
  • Using Webhooks to Copy Data Between Tables
  • Partitioning Review (how to speed up your app)
  • Dereferences Review
  • Templates for Digitizing Invoices, Receipts & BOLs

UPDATE: Recording available here:


Is there a way to add an icon to the launch bar (or menu) which goes to another AppSheet app?


Will regular expressions be supported?


For partitioning review, is it best to setup with a SQL database to speed up? Or Excel or Google Docs should work fine for a 1-100 user per app?

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our company employs many field technicians
each technician has over 1000 procedures that he may use depending on the job to be completed
I would like to make an app to assist in finding the correct procedure for the job.
I am unsure if the chatbot would work for this

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I’m Starting to use the plataform and I love it, I’m using Publisher Pro subscription, Can I Use Webhooks to Copy Data Between Tables in this Plan?

Custom map upload? For example if you have a blueprint of a building, can you use it as a map view and index entries by location points on this uploaded map?

I have a list with 5000 clients, and I want to create a screen to filter data. Type of population, serial number, customer reference. It’s possible? without using smart assistent because I use serial numbers.

Hi Keith, thank you for the question! Right now we don’t support linking to apps or views directly from a menu/launch bar icon. It’s possible for you to create a gallery of icons in a particular view and have that view as your main launcher. Please check for “app launcher” in for a quick guide.

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Is this feature enable in a PREMIUM or PRO plan ?

It’s available :slight_smile: Please check for the XY column type where you can upload your custom map.

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Hi Fernando, it’s available as an add-on in business subscriptions. If you want to enquire about business subscriptions you can visit


On Maps can import i.e all pizza shops in UK ? from google maps or anywhere?
Q: can i also make the points any bigger than some websites do on a googlemap?

Each client has a numerical reference type “1901021”. In the list all the works made to all the clients appear. I want that if a worker enters this data, only the excel lines appear with this reference. I do not want you to see the entire list only the query data.

@CBSST It mostly depends on how many rows each user will add or need access to in a single application. For high usage applications. 100K new rows per month, you will likely want SQL. ~10k New rows per month you can still handle pretty well with sheets and partitioning. The benifit of Partitioning vs SQL is that you can still retain the ease of access and flexible usage/ special features of Cloud Spreadsheets. SQL takes more skills to query and manipulate data.

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I’m using a web hook with Zapier and while it works beautifully. I have to have the user wait until sync to use the second table. I have no problem with that but I wish I can pause the screen for that one view until the sync is complete.

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Can you recommend me where I can take an advanced course of appsheet?
I see that you all have a very high level, and I can not find where I can train.
some book?

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If appropriate can you address when this functionality might be available within AppSheet itself. I know it is talked about quite a bit.

@gpjoseph YES!! That would be a great feature. An option to delay sync until API responds with Success or Error. That way the data or result of the webhook would be immediately visible in the app (As the user naturally expects).

Thank you!

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