Maybe a bug?

For context:

  1. I have a table with data.
  2. This table has a slice using ISBLANK([blah]) to check for empty data.
  3. I have an action using LINKTOROW([Key], “View Name”)
  4. The view “View Name” is a form of the table with just the missing rows to edit.
  5. Using “Slice Actions” I have added the action in 3 to open 4 to add the missing data

This works pretty well to do what I need it to do… Buuutt…

If I navigate to the main view of the table and press “Add” the view that appears is the custom view I have in 4. This does not open the normal form to add a new entry to the row.

This only happens if I set the view position to “Ref” - if it is anything else I can add new rows to the table normally, once I set it to “Ref” it goes back to opening the wrong view.

Now, I played around a little and when changing the icon for the action I do not see a change in the icon for the “Add” default action yet clicking it takes me to the new view.

Is this a bug, or am I using it wrong?

Ref type views are intended to be used by the Appsheet Builder behind the scenes as needed.

If there is two ref views that could be used, the system will choose which one it thinks is best.

For any views you never want shown unless you specifically use them in an action (like in your step 3) then set them as type Menu with the show condition set to FALSE.