Maybe a stupid question, but hopefully quick ...

(Stefanie Dietz) #1

Maybe a stupid question, but hopefully quick to answer: If I add an entry to a spreadsheet using my AppSheet app and that spreadsheet is at it’s row limit (1000 or whatever)… will the new entry still be entered, on row 1001?

(I know I can add more rows in the spreadsheet manually, and I also think the limit probably just affecting the view not the spreadsheet itself, just want to make sure the new rows get added automatically and I don’t run into an error)

(David Hopkins) #2

Correct, it should only be effective the view itself. There is a row limit in a spreadsheet, but it’s substantially higher.

If you’re view is being limited, it might be time to start looking at slices or filters.

(Philip Garrett) #3


When you add a new row through your AppSheet app, AppSheet checks whether an empty row exist exists at the bottom of the worksheet. If not, it adds one.

There is no reason to add empty rows at the

bottom of your worksheet. In fact, performance can be better if you omit extra rows, depending on the provider.

(Stefanie Dietz) #4

@David_Hopkins @Philip_Garrett_Appsh Exactly the answers I was hoping for, thanks!