Maybe I am missing something, but it seems th...

(Zecharya Michelsohn) #1

Maybe I am missing something, but it seems that there are expressions which work in the app definition but do not when used in workflow templates - particularly with list-type expressions. Is there a rule as to which expressions can’t be used in a template?

I couldn’t find anything about this by searching in the group! But it comes up regularly for me in different ways.

Here’s an example that I dealt with today: <<SELECT([ExamList][Class_and_Room], AND(IN([Program.Class], [_THISROW].[ExamList]), [Day]=“Sunday”))>>

It tested fine as a app expression in a table called “Students”. But when I used it in my workflow, within a <> expression using the same table, it returned an error, that there is no such column “ExamList”. (There is.) I tried switching different columns, but always got the error. I finally used a last-resort workaround, creating separate virtual columns in the table for each possible value of ‘Day’. Anyone have any insights on this behavior?

(Zecharya Michelsohn) #2

Okay… I think I see the mistake here. [_thisrow] sends me up to the parent table. Is there any way to use this expression while staying in the child record?

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

What was the result when you removed the [_THISROW]?