Maybe I missed it - Can we still use the Run button to test Reports? Or do I need to create a Bot?

I have been trying to test an previously existing Report using the Run button. It seems to run, based on log entries, but it is not performing the assigned tasks and attempts to look at the details in the log entries does nothing.

Can I still use Run to test the Report or do I need to convert it into a Bot and test from there?

You should still be able to “Run” to test your report. If the report has run previously and is not anymore, feel free to open a support ticket @Dan_Bahir FYI

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Test and Run on reports should be working with no changes. Please enter a support ticket by mailing if it is not working correctly for you.

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Actually I realized my problem was due to using an incorrect column name. The column name was valid from a syntax and contextual respect but logically was incorrect as I was using the column name from the wrong data source within the expression.

The result was that although the Report ran, no data was set to process so the report did nothing.

The problematic part is that when I attempted to access the log entries of the Report run, the system wouldn’t show anything. If it would have, maybe it would have clued me in that no rows had been selected to process on the Report?

I’m not sure why the log entries would not show. I’ll try it again today to see if the same issue occurs and if so, open a bug on it.