McDonalds conumdrum

You may be wondering why there is a post titled mcdonalds but I want to use this global food chain to get my message across.
McDonalds is obviously one of the most systematized businesses on the planet and most business to aspire to their processes.
But I want to take a simple example where I cant get app sheet to work.
You go in and order a big mac. but without gherkins and with extra sauce.
This create and order and sends a check list the operative making the big mac.
Toast bun, put in lettuce meat, gherkins and sauce.
But the check list needs to amend to remove the gherkin check item.
A dynamic check list.
This simplifies the process but all business should be driven by check list and eventually all employees will be wearing a pair of google glasses driven by a check list.
Pilots fly plane by them, surgeons do operations by them but they need to be dynamic depending on the situation.
I would welcome anyone who can explain how we can create a dynamic check list based on the products and table with check list items in it that one to many relationship that a customer selects.
We have hundreads of products and processes each with their own check item that need to be in a table.

I create a series of “template” or “standard” options in an enum table…
each of the menu items would be in the enum as separate records,
Then with a self REF on the enum table you can have the BigMac selected so you can add multiple of each of the standard checklist items with an order column…

Here comes the fun part. When the user rings up a Big Mac, you can have an enumlist of those options, in which they could deselect. maybe even another enumlist with add-ons…

Then when they save this record it kicks off the workflow to add an individual record for each item of the checklist base don those enumlist variables…

Then the person creating the sandwhich can tap them to complete them, and it will only have the ones required… (You could maybe get fancy to highlight what is an exclusion and what is an add…)

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Thank you.
How would this work if you had to specify the grams of meet used or take a pic of the finished burger.

That would be editable content of the records, so instead of just marking a checklist item as complete, you could require an image upload… I do that for longer tasks to allow a percentage to be entered, but shorter tasks are either done, or not…

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I should spin up a simple sample app too demonstrate this template creator situation… Keep pinging me so I remember to do it

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Thanks so much that would be great. Its the data structure I am intersted in most. We have a product list and I wanted to have a check items list that relates to the product id and check type in a table.

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Yeah, the trick is to NOT start with the end of the process… Think about what app you would need to build so that anyone could create a product and associated check list items… Then you use that app to build your products

Fun aside, by keeping the check list items as distinct separate table records they can actually be a true REF… So in the future you’ll be able to see totals and charts by checklist item… Think dynamic dashboards

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@Martin_Pace this would actually be a great case to run through for building out automatically referenced lists with the add a row situation.

There’s another simple way to do this. I’ll pin it up when I get back in the office… But effectively you have a product table, and a check list table… And then you have a column that lets you designate any product as a “template” product…
Then you slice that out

Thanks very much

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