Me again with an expression issue. I'm trying...

(Pieter Botha) #1

Me again with an expression issue. I’m trying to set up a valid iff statement to list only customers associated with a specific rep at the same time I want anybody with the USERROLE of “Admin” to have full access to all customers. When i use the Select function on its own it works but when i try and use the OR function I get error messages. The expression I use is as follow OR(USERROLE()=“Admin”,SELECT(Customers_Masterdata[Customer Name],[Rep Email]=USEREMAIL()))

The error message is then as follow

Condition OR((USERROLE() = “Admin”), SELECT(CUSTOMERS_MASTERDATA[Customer Name],([Rep Email] = USEREMAIL()))) has an invalid structure: subexpressions must be Yes/No conditions

Please help. Also is their any course available on expressions? i know there is a lot of reading material available but it would be great if somebody can create a training course explaining Expressions more in detail from Dummy level to Expert level. I believe that Appsheets real power lies in understanding how to use all the expressions

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

The answer was SELECT(Customers_Masterdata[Customer Name],OR([Rep Email]=USEREMAIL(),USERROLE()=“Admin”))

(Pieter Botha) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio Thank you Translate