Meaning of ALL_CHANGES in Email Workflow

I am totally confused,
Is there a description of the “Update event” for Email Workflow?
What is the meaning of ALL_CHANGES?

I am getting the emails only when a STATUS (ENUM) column changes and ignores all other changes.

edit: If I change a date it also works. But if the total column changes (price column), the change in value does not trigger the email.

The Total column is calculated under auto compute via spreadsheet formula. changes is this column do not trigger the workflow


Workflows can only be triggered when a user interacting with the app either ADDs a row, DELETES, a row, CHANGES a row, or any of those 3 happen (ALL_CHANGES) in the table you specify.

Workflows cannot (and never will) trigger additional Workflows.
Changes made to the underlying spreadsheet, like a spreadsheet formula, also cannot (and never will) trigger a Workflow.


In this case the spreadsheet formula, is created via appsheets with: SUMIF() function.
And int this case the change is not recognized as well.

Thanks for your help