Menu actions + Link to another app as menu option

Saw a couple posts about this. I would really love to see this!

Do you guys have any thoughts on where this is at in your pipeline?

Here’s a related feature request:

Not quite the same. I am referring to the Hamburger menu, top left corner.

Right. Related but not the same. :slight_smile:

Your request is nothing to do with App Launcher?


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I want to literally add an action to the hamburger menu.
One of those actions is Link to another app. But any kind of “Action”, specifically in the hamburger menu.

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Create app launcher (=gallery view) and then place in menu. It gives user experiences exactly you want.

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Yes, but for efficiency, I want to have the link to the app right in the menu. Not a gallery.

Not possible.

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I read somewhere having actions in the menu like that are in the pipeline. Is this true?

I myself have no idea.

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Creating a “table” with the actions you want to run,

I had the same issue when I needed a “Contact Sales” o “Contact Support” option…

Adding email, phone/Whatsapp etc

Set it read only, create the view and move to the menu,