MENU Items: Is it possible to manage/rearran...

(Geoff Ringent) #1

MENU Items:

Is it possible to manage/rearrange/sort the Views that appear in the system MENU?? Sub-folders would be nice for related views? Or just being able to move the order around manually?

Secondly, in the MENU of my App Editor both “App Gallery” and “Create New App” options are disabled (greyed out) … but when i activate the app on my mobile device they are alive and available?? I don’t want them to be available in the field … preferable not at all … how can i disable and/or remove??

Finally … with how Edit/Add/Delete behaviours are presented … when choosing ‘Overlay’ for EDIT the system puts a floating icon at the bottom right (somewhat annoying as it hides ‘New’ and ‘List’ when there are inline related records) and a drop-down menu item in the top right hand corner of the page … which displays EDIT on drop down … how can i restrict to just having the drop down item and forego the floating icon?? Thanks.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can rearrange the menu view from the option UX > Views > Menu views > “Rearrange Menu”

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

I’m afraid you can’t remove “App Gallery” and “Create New App” unless you whitelabel the app.

(Geoff Ringent) #4


Doh!! …Domestic blindness …