Menu Launcher

Hi, this is my very first post here, since ive been more than 1 year with appsheet, i just want to share what i do with appsheet.

I dont know if this already here or not but im pretty sure this would be usefull for those who are working with multiple tables

currently im working with more than 19 tables which is for each tables has individual view

so logically its only fit few menu on the bottom, the rest of menu will be on REF
so i make some main menu for each view and its looks like this

Alraight, to do all this what we need is:

1.Setup the launcher

One data tables for launcher and make it as primary Views

heres my sheet for the launcher

just one column and the link of some image

  • You only can use direct link image and can be pubicly accessed

now go to appsheet, and to the data section and setup your table launcher.

App sheet will automatically detect link value and set it as link type, so make sure to change it to image

  1. Setting the data and view to display

Next, we set the UX for the launcher i named it " Main Menu"

on the ux section make sure you refer the launcher data as your table to display

Set view type as detail

Image Style Fit

Now create a tables data and ux view that you want to put it on menu section.

Set the position as ref
Heres mine:

3.Setup The Button

Last step is setting up the behavior
this function allow you to stack the button and go to another view

Create new action and refer “For a record of this table” to the launcher table

and set it as shown below

Do this : App go to another view within this app

Target: Your view name

Prominence: Display prominently

your can find your view name on the UX editor for your view on he Behavior section like this:

The complete action should look like this

And thats it! you can add button launcher as many as you want, just repeat the number 2 and 3