Menu Setup with Seperate Tables

Hello Everybody,

I’ve been using Appsheet for a while now and have achieved most things I need to do with it, on one of my business accounts however, I am trying to build a process I am not entierly sure how to go about the best way.

I am looking to add a menu option for All Projects, and once clicked have a table with Leads, Current projects and Completed Projects. Each will be a seperate table (doing this to keep them seperate if ever I need this in the future). In A Sense, sort of like nesting tables.

Within each of the three tables I want the usual capabilities to add, remove, which is easy enough, but I’d like the option to edit a row and have a drop down selector (lead, current project, completed) that allows me to move the row, or data, from one table to another.

So summaries, I need a little help with the menu setup All Projects > Sub Menus ( Leads, Current projects and Completed Projects) > Tables and also need a little help with how to move the data from one table to another.

This might be rather simple, and I have read a few articles and attempted a few tests myself but haven’t yet been able to achieve this the way I’ve hoped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @David2! Welcome to the community!

I regard to moving data, this should help:

To move data I think you’ll need to use a group action that first copies a row and then deletes to old one.

Hello @Kirk_Masden, I have managed to achieve this, thank you for your answer.