Merge information from two tables

Hello Appsheet Community

I have:

  1. Customers Table
  2. Sales Table
  3. Payments from Customers Table

I need to make a virtual column in Customers Table contain a Ref_Rows from two table (Sales & Payment) sorted by date.

Knowing: Sales and Payment table have a REF Column refer to [Customer ID] in Customers Table.

I’ve solved this problem by creating an additional Table using Query Function in google sheet, But that make the app more slower.

Is it possible to do it inside Appsheet?
Don’t you think that it is an important feature?

Any Ideas or suggestions are welcomed.

Unfortunately you cannot combine reference data from 2 or more tables right at the moment.

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Dear Levent,

Thanks for your reply.

It is always nice to talke withe people about AppSheet. very helpful chat.

I have tried a lot of ideas but none worked. However I have one idea that can work but still needs some development, and I would like to share it so others can contribute to developing and improving it till it works.

If we can make a list that contains reference data from both Sales & Payment tables as below:

{select (Sales Table[Total], [Customer ID]= [_THISROW].[Customer ID]),select (Sales Table[Note], [Customer ID]= [_THISROW].[Customer ID]);
select (Payments Table[Amount], [Customer ID]= [_THISROW].[Customer ID]),select (Payments Table[Note], [Customer ID]= [_THISROW].[Customer ID])}

Is it possible? Pleas advise.

Thanks again,

Arithmatically” for sure it’s possible to create a list of items that is aggregated from different tables. However combining REFs from different tables is not possible AFAIK. Have you checked this for example?

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I’ll waite for this changes to give it a try.

Thanks for your time and thinking along with me.