Merge two records into one by changing the Id value

Hi all,

I am struggling with a concept and hoping for some guidance.

I have a Customers table with a CustomersId Key column and I have an Orders table that includes the CustomersId and I want the user to be able to select a “Merge this Customer with” and select a “Into this Customer” and have the app update the CustomersId in the Orders table for the rows with “Merge this Customer” with the CustomersId from the “Into this Customer”.
Additionally would like the Customer in the Customers table to be deleted.

I imagine the app user to be able to do this through a form.
The sequence being:-
Select a customer from “Merge this customer” via a dropdown list.
Select a “Into this Customer” via drop down list.
Then a Save or something to set it into motion.

Appreciate any advice.

Many thanks

I understand you have a customers table and then an orders sub-table. Just so I’m clear are you:

1 = Trying to merge 2 customer records
2 = Moving order records from one customer to another
3 = Both of the above

Or am I totally wrong altogether :sweat_smile:

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Hi Simon

Option 3 thanks.
Although in order of preference

1 by itself is not an option.
I use google sheets.
Thanks :blush: