Message for user every 10 registres [COUNT?]

Hello there,

I am creating an app for people access control.

My intention is that after several registrations (for example, every 10 accesses) a message will appear indicating that a Backpack Registration must be carried out.

How could I do it? I had thought of putting a column A, with the record message and that it only appears when it counts 10 records. And then go back into hiding until the next 10. Is it possible? Do you know better in any way?

Thank you very much

If its just every 10th registration then assuming each one creates a row try this as the trigger



Hi Simon,

Thanks for your answer. I have tried to use it by typing the message in a cell and displaying it using

SHOW IF = [_Rownumber] = 9

In another cell I have put your formula:

MOD ([_ RowNumber], 10) = 0

The test does recognize the “reset” of Rownumber but the message only appears at 9th

How should I formulate it to be correct? Thanks for your patience!

You’re obviously quite new to appsheet :slight_smile: The forumla I sent will work as a trigger, but you’ll need to construct a bot to get the result you want


Correct! I am new and also have no knowledge of code.

I have finally been able to do it thanks to your formula. I have created a virtual column called [reset_rownumber] with the formula


And it restarts every time 10 times. Then I have set in the warning message to SHOW_IF

[reset_rownumber] = 1

Thank you very much for your help!