Microsoft Access Token

Hi, I received an error message regarding my microsoft 365 sources this afternoon (2PM UK TIME).

See screenshot below.

Every source (7 different accounts) have to deleted and re-added when this happens. Definitely not ideal during working hours when users are updating the apps frequently.

I had discussed this with support previously and they suggested refreshing the source but it doesn’t appear as an option for me in the account section of appsheet.

Did anyone else experience this issue over the past couple of days even?

I would think this just means you need to login again, either to the app or to

@Aleksi, do you have any insight?

@Sarah_Keown When the refresh token is expired, and if the Microsoft365 is your main data source/provider with your Appsheet account, you would need to signout from the Appsheet account. When you then login, it will refresh the access token. If the Microsoft365 is not the main source, then you need to refresh the token through My Account > Sources.