Microsoft Azure Outage: affecting AppSheet

AppSheet servers are hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. There are currently some issues with availability for Microsoft Azure as a whole. We are seeing this as intermittent errors and 404 errors. Will keep everyone posted as we hear more.

Thanks for the update. I came here to look for a cause of our workflow emails not coming through, looks like this might be the issue. At first I could see the that they fired correctly in the log analyzer, but now even the log analyzer is inaccessible with a 404 error.

Appsheet failed to synchronize since half an hour ago, cant update apps ! we are at a stand still…

I guess this begs the question, Is it possible to set up a backup server on our own end to prevent an outage to the businesses we’ve developed apps for?

Great apps have started synchronizing…:grinning: lets hope its stable now

Looks like it is all Azure SQL is down across the board and has been for about 30 minutes…

Still down here.

The official Azure status can be found here:

It has been fluctuating between “error” and “warning” status for Network Infrastructure. We are able to load some apps again here, but it appears the issue is still ongoing.

It is an across-the-board network infrastructure problem at Azure.

About 1hr outage here in the UK. Seems like some intermittent connectivity is happening.

But it looks like outage (stand still) is… global

:pensive:spoken too soon Unfortunately service is down

Message":“An error has occurred.”,“ExceptionMessage”:“The type initializer for ‘Nirvana.Data.DataLayer’ threw an exception.”,“ExceptionType”:“System.TypeInitializationException”,“StackTrace”:" at

Thanks, @praveen for keeping everyone updated. Keep up the amazing work!

Same here! :frowning:

I guess we have to wait…

@Robert_Easter all instances of the same problem. AppSheet is unable to talk to our internal SQL database hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Update from Microsoft. Maybe a cause for mild optimism in the last sentence.